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Capturing and Converting Traffic Since 2006

Atlantic Search Engine Marketing is passionate about client success.  Helping anyway we can.  One of the ways we can help, beyond marketing analytics, conversion &ROAS optimization, is to advise on innovative products and content.

By crafting the unique it is easy to stand apart.

User Analytics across monitors

Case Study: Large Non-Profit Association

Pre-Engagement Total Sessions 200000 Sessions per Month
Organic Sessions Six Months Later 2000000 Sessions per Month

Case Study: SaaS Marketing Company

Increase of Impressions on Organic Search 56%
Increase in Non-Branded Traffic 100%

Case Study: Ecommerce B2C

Increase in Conversion from Organic after 2-weeks 50%

Innovative Digital Strategy and Business Plans That Work

Today, business and life are increasingly turning toward ecommerce solutions, recommendations of professionals from search, and closing contracts, once done face to face, online.  Atlantic Search Engine Marketing provides business plans written by MBA’s passionate about client success.

Atlantic Search Engine Marketing will do the work to learn about your current cost of acquisition, inbound demand generation pipelines, usage of contractors, channels and tools to provide a strategy tailored for your business.  Our plans are well referenced including Porter and realistic, providing a path forward based on communicated constraints.

Offering Enduring, Sustainable Digital Marketing Channel Management and Optimization

A website is a major investment into your branding and often revenue.  Site Optimization should put user experience first.  Channel optimization, including organic, should put your long-term goals first.   LinkedIn and YouTube PPC is not just about making money but promoting a brand.  And Organic Search should seek to partner with google, facebook, reddit by providing reliable high-quality content that match users interest.

We Didn't Invent the Channels but We Do the Hard Work to Optimize Them for You

Digital Marketing Takes Effort and Ideas

PPC can make or break a company.  We do not ascribe to the idea that all talent is equal.  Atlantic SEM believes high quality talent, sourced from the US and abroad, managed by experts provides a compelling co-created value proposition.

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